Actually, neither.

In Arizona there is no presumption that either gender is better qualified to parent. Men and women have exactly the same rights to raise their children.

When the court finds that there are two fit parents, in almost all cases, the court will order Joint Legal Decision-Making (formally known as Custody) to both parents. That is to say that father and mother will have equal authority in making the major decisions regarding their common children.

Several years ago the Arizona legislature replaced the word visitation with parenting time. Depending on several factors, including distance between the parents’ homes, ages of the children and each parents work schedule to name but a few, the court frequently orders Equal Parenting Time with each parent.

In virtually all cases involving children, the parents will have a Parenting Plan. A parenting plan addresses how major decisions are made and will include a day-to-day schedule and a holiday and sometimes even summer schedule as to when the children are with each parent. Parenting plans are fairly detailed often five or more pages. They are either signed off on by both parents or otherwise approved by the court.

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