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  • David - 11/11/18

    First of all I would like to thank Miss Ramsay. About a year ago I lost everything. My home my children everything. I did a consultation with Miss Ramsey the day after everything happened. There was no sugar coating she didn’t try to fill me with hopes and dreams she told me the facts and laid down the realistic possibilities of fighting in family court.

    Miss Ramsay and her paralegal never ignored me or made me feel like my case wasn’t important to them. There were several Court hearings never-was Miss Ramsey late or unwilling to talk to me before the hearings.

    She constantly kept me up-to-date on everything that was going on in my case. I did not feel that there was anything she did that I did not know.

    I would suggest Miss Ramsay to anyone that is having any kind of legal family issues. She help me fight my OOP and was there with me through the entire process. Because of what happened I had not seen my children in a year. And because of Miss Ramsay I ended up getting 50/50 custody as well as joint decision making of my children.

    Going through family court with an attorney as an extremely expensive proposition. But I say this with all honesty if you want a family attorney that is honest and will be there and listen I would suggest no one else than Miss Ramsay. And that every single penny you spend with her will be worth it.

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  • Dylan Gordon - 11/18

    From the moment I met Mr. Sampair it was obvious that he is the only attorney who would ever represent my family. Fortunately, when my child was at risk, Patrick took my case and I now have the peace of mind I should have had all along. A huge thank you to everyone at The Sampair Group that assisted and supported my daughter and I through this custody battle and a special thank to Michele.

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  • Kelly - 04/11/18

    Patrick Sampair is a very talented and knowledgeable lawyer, but beyond that he is a great person. I walked into his FREE consultation an absolute emotional mess. From the get go Patrick helped me to focus on myself and not what my ex was doing. I needed this to be able to move forward. Never once did he make me feel like the accusations that were being made against me were valid, and that alone built my trust in this man. He helped me get through this process and made me a stronger person by helping me to gain my confidence. My case honestly was excruciating for all of us, but I know I LITERALLY could not have been able to keep custody of my kids and protect myself from a bully without not only Patrick but the entire firm. I can’t thank you enough.

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  • Sage Santos-Smith - 03/18

    Sampair Group is a really great office. Going through my child custody case has been a challenge. When I came to Patrick he helped me not only with everything legal, but also support and give me the confidence I needed as well. He really made me feel like everything will be okay. And everyone in the office was as nice, helpful and understanding as well. Like Rick who came in and gave me the same kind of support and helped me out with all the financing making it easy. Still going through my case but wouldn’t do it without the people at The Sampair Group by my side.

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  • Armando Monroy - 02/18

    When I began my relocation battle, I never imagined it to be as successful as it went. Based on my previous experience with lawyers, I figured I was for sure going to lose this battle once again. The very first time I spoke to Patrick, I knew this time around was going to be different. When I first met with him I was so impressed with his knowledge and how much he knew. He definitely taught me and made me aware of the rights I have as a father. Throughout the whole process I was never in the dark about anything. Anytime I had a question or a situation I couldn’t figure out, Patrick and his team was always there to help solve the problem. Patrick put in so much work to not only prepare me for trial, but also to make sure that I won. All said and done, because of Patrick, we stopped my son from relocating out of state. Not only that, but I am now the primary custodial parent. I really appreciate Patrick and his team for all the hard work and helping me win this case. Thank you so much!!!!

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  • Coby Kempton - 01/18

    It is hard to put into words how incredibly grateful I am to Pat and his team. The last three years have been the most difficult years I have ever had to face when my two year old daughter was taken from me. Her mother left the state and was in hiding for over eight months. Although the fight for my daughter has lasted over two years, I couldn’t have asked for a better person to guide me through the legal process of relocating my daughter back here and gaining custody. His sage advice helped me keep the course. I put my daughter’s future in his hands and he did not disappoint. I am lucky enough to say that I not only have my daughter back, I have full custody. Again, I am very grateful for the work that Pat and his team has done for me, and the results were better than I ever would have predicted. Thank you Pat, Alisa and Rick.

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  • Mdbarbus - 01/18

    My experience with Pat and his team was as positive as can be considering the circumstances. Divorce is hard, but Pat and team led me through the process in a mature and experienced way. I feel like I was represented effectively and that my needs and especially those of my child were met.

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  • Lindon Gareis - 11/17

    If you want hard-hitting lawyers on your side that will take care of you and show you the ropes. This is the only law office to use.

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  • Brenda - 10/02/17

    Patrick Sampair was the perfect choice for my relocation case. I was able to relocate my children out of state. My ex husband was not a consistent presence in the children’s lives and was very verbally abusive. He would pick up the kids only about half the time he was supposed to, and cancel on me an hour before he was supposed to pick up the children. He would never help with the kids even in emergency situations. Now that I am relocated I have the help and support I need with my family here. Patrick Sampair did an excellent job communicating my reasons for moving, as well as the issues I had when I was in state. He is very knowledgeable and honest. I would definitely hire him all over again. The staff was also amazing. They were very clear on the information I needed to give them to help me succeed. All my questions were answered, and they were very friendly.

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  • Yvette - 3/25/16

    I have had one of the most unique situations that could possibly be going on in someone’s life. Pat and the staff made it very easy for me to feel comfortable. They made a very difficult situation bearable. I always felt they cared and were in my corner. There was so much going on in my case and they informed me all the way. I am glad to know that he could help me in other cases that I have going on and I will be back with him for sure! One of the best lawyers around for sure! Very knowledgeable on divorce and custody issues!

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  • Lanette H. - 3/8/16

    Well, I had the worse divorce EVER! Mr. Sampair has represented me in my 2009 divorce case, which he took over from another attorney that screwed me over. Sampair handled my case and I got sole custody. He was able to get the judge to order Supervised Visitation for my ex with my 4 kids and protected them from their abusive father. Since then, he has represented me in numerous cases/hearings on Child Support Enforcement (got father arrested), Child Support Modification (got father’s support increased and busted him on fraud), Modification of Parenting Time, and numerous other issues. Each time, he listened to my concerns, calmed me down when I panicked or was doubtful he assured me of the possible outcomes and how we would proceed. If you want to check go to Superior Court and look up my case # FC2008-053245. He has been my attorney for 7 years. Most of my case is sealed due to the sensitive nature of abuse. But if it wasn’t for Mr. Sampair, I know my results would have been different and not good. I wish you could see the dvd on the Modification of Child Support trial where he nailed my ex for fraud and raised child support from $1200/mo to $3600/mo. My case was very complicated and intense. Mr. Sampair handled everything wonderfully and I am so grateful. He will not sugar coat things, or hand hold you, or promise outcomes. But he will keep you focused and on track.

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  • Flores - 1/12/16

    I’m so thankful for hiring the perfect attorney to handle my complicated relocation case. When I hired Mr. Sampair he was totally honest to me about how complicated relocation cases are. I knew in the back of my mind the risk I was taking, but I knew I had found the most knowledgeable, and honest attorney for my case. Throughout my whole case Mr. Sampair always kept me inform. Thanks to Mr. Sampair we won our relocation trial. I wish I could thank him every day for keeping my family together.

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  • Amanda M. - 12/14/15

    The Sampair Group did an amazing job with my case. Being a new resident to Arizona with no Family, Friends or support system here. Going through divorce with child custody has been the most challenging and scary chapter of my life. The Sampair Group did a great job in dealing with my case and keeping me as worry free as possible. I appreciate how they communicated with me and listened to my wants and needs. I Highly recommend them.

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  • Alisa D. - 12/13/15

    Patrick knew how to get what I was owed. My Ex refused to follow a court order to pay child support and spousal support. Patrick got my Ex to pay up. He was in control in court and I could tell he had respect from the judge. I was glad he was on my side.

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  • Robert G. - 10/13/15

    Patrick Sampair helped me with my divorce case in early 2014. Thanks to pat and his whole team. It made my whole divorce process easier and more understanding. I will always recommend The Sampair Group and will always thank pat for all his help and advice on how to make the big change in my life easier. Thanks Pat and all the team at The Sampair Group for all your outstanding help.

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  • Cynthia - 9/25/15

    I have had an excellent experience with this attorney. He is always available for any question or concerns I may have. He uses his experience to let me know what to expect and guides me through the process. He has handled all my issues with aplomb. Litigation is expensive in general but his firms billing of my case is well documented and treated with common sense. I would recommend this attorney to anyone seeking counsel in family law. It was a huge weight off my shoulders to have someone so obviously competent and dedicated on my side.

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  • Holly A. - 9/13/15

    Going through a divorce weeks after having twins is a battle I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I did not have nearly the strength needed to fight for myself – thank goodness I didn’t have to! Having someone in my corner made all the difference.

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  • Melinda W. - 9/11/15

    After doing research online I came across a lot of Mr. Sampair’s good reviews and then I decided to call his office, I was offer a consultation right away for free. After meeting with him I realized why he has really high ratings. He is very knowledgeable, honest, and to the point. His attorney’s fees are very reasonable. The Sampair group is outstanding.

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  • Paul M. - 9/11/15

    In my case the mother of my children had taken the kids out of state without my permission or knowledge of where they had gone. Once we finally located the children, The Sampair Group helped me obtain my rights back as the father of my children. My children now live back in Arizona and I have a great relationship with them and I have my visitation rights back. So as a father I highly recommend Patrick. Fathers have the same rights mother do.

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  • Casandra H. - 9/11/15

    Patrick is an excellent attorney; I couldn’t be more pleased with his work on my case. In the six months he worked on my divorce case he was very efficient, trustworthy, knowledgeable, and always kept me updated on what was going on week by week. Patrick is a very honest attorney. I would recommend him to all my friends and family.

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  • Mona H. - 9/11/15

    Patrick Sampair helped me relocated from Arizona to California. My husband was offered a new position in CA, Mr. Sampair was able to convince the Judge that it was in our child’s best interest to move to CA, but my former husband completely objected to the relocation. Relocation cases are very hard and almost impossible. With Mr. Sampair’s knowledge and facts we were able to relocate.

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  • Divorce Client - 9/10/15

    Regarding my divorce I had a great experience with The Sampair Group. What I liked most was their knowledge, experience and professionalism. Any inquiries I had for them were always answered in a timely manner. They help me feel secure in the sense that I was going to be treated fairly and that all my needs and concerns would be addressed. Thank you Sampair Group for helping me in my most difficult time.

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  • Jr. - 9/7/15

    Patrick Sampair and The Sampair Group have been extremely helpful and understanding in my case. In early 2014 I hired The Sampair Group for my divorce case. Shortly after I hired Brandy Ramsey also from The Sampair Group for an order of protection. Since day one everyone from The Sampair Group has been helpful and takin the time to explain everything going on with my case. Thanks everybody at The Sampair Group for all your help and understanding.

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