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  • Child Custody Client - 9/22/14

    The Sampair Group handled my relocation custody case and I couldn’t have asked for a better turn out. Family Law Specialist James Bruce was actually the attorney that handled my case, but everyone I dealt with at the firm was helpful and knowledgeable. I won my case and my kids are able to stay with me.

  • Edward W. - 9/20/14

    When my ex-wife decided to move out of town after she remarried, I knew that it was going to change my custody agreement. I was nervous that I wouldn’t win a relocation case because sometimes the father in the situation doesn’t  always have the best chance at getting full custody of the children. I did some research and found The Sampair Group. After a consultation with my attorney, James Bruce, I felt much better about the situation. He was an expert in family law and had dealt with relocation cases like mine on many occasions. I had been in a similar custody situation several years ago with a different attorney that did not turn out favorably but this time was 100% different. Mr. Bruce asked and answered lots of questions and took charge when it was time to go to court. I won my case and my children are now with me full time. I would definitely recommend The Sampair Group and especially James Bruce to anyone in need of a knowledgeable family lawyer. Especially if you have a difficult or complicated case like I think mine was. Having a state bar certified law specialist on our side made a huge difference.

  • Divorce Client - 9/20/14

    Recently I went through a divorce as well as a order of protection. Pat sampair as well as brandy Ramsey were extremely noligaible as well as extremely helpful. I’ve never been through such a difficult time in my life but with brandy as well as pat made this extremely easy. Thanks again pat and brandy for a great job

  • Divorce Client - 9/19/14

    I went through a divorce as well as a order of protection. The Sampiar Group and all the staff we’re great. I had the pleasure to work with Pat as well as Brandy Ramsey both attorneys were very helpful as well as all the staff. I would highly recommend this law group and want to thank all at The Sampiar Group for all there help.

  • Robert - 9/19/14

    Brandy Ramsey as well as Pat Sampiar are amazing attorneys. If ever a time comes that I should need an attorney again with out a doubt they would be the one’s I would call. Both attorneys are very knowledgeable in everything they do. Thanks Brandy for all your help.

  • Child Custody Client - 9/17/14

    If you are looking for the best possible outcome in your custody case this is the lawyer I would recommend you to choose. Patrick Sampair is AMAZING….He is all about laws, statues, truth and facts. He truly has a passion for his work and it will show in your case, it did mine. The man has intelligence as well as caring compassion for his clients.

  • Marie B. - 9/7/14

    I recently had to obtain a lawyer for a custody issue and looked into a few different places. When I went for my consultation at The Sampair Group, I knew I found the right place. I met with Patrick Sampair himself. He was extremely knowledgeable and very informative and friendly. Everyone at this office took the time to talk and explain things to me with no hesitation at all. When it came to his experience and knowledge I was blown away with how much he knew about the laws at statues. When we went to court he was amazing. Not only does he have the experience and education, he has a caring compassion for his clients. I would recommend him and his office to anyone. I truly thank everyone from Patrick, Alisa, Angie and Rick for everything they have done for my son and I.

  • Child Custody Client - 5/20/14

    Patrick and Brandy assisted with us with a child support arrears case. My husband’s ex was suing him for over 6 figures and the laws in Arizona were skewed heavily in his ex’s favor, even though he had done everything according to an oral agreement between them. The risks were huge and with their help we were able to successfully negotiate a settlement and avoid a potentially devastating court trial. We felt emotionally supported the entire time, which was extremely helpful and just as important to us as much as the legal advice. They did everything they could legally to minimize the financial damage and help us navigate the system while dealing and coping with an extremely unreasonable and vindictive ex. It was apparent that they really cared about us as people and a family and not just another case.

  • Robert E. - 2/13/14

    Patrick Sampair and The Sampair Group represented me in my divorce case. I was in a situation of loosing my children and Patrick developed a strategy to help me achieve my goals. Through out the process Patrick made it very clear to me what needed to be done every step of the way. The Sampair’s group is thorough, professional and they are well versed on divorce and child custody law. Had I not gone with The Sampair Group I believe I would have not got my children back. Thank you Patrick and The Sampair Group for my children!

  • Divorce Client - 1/24/14

    Patrick Sampair was very methodical in his approach to my Divorce Case. Patrick and his office outlined the strategy of my case and explained how the events would unfold and what we needed to do. He was fair, thorough and knew exactly what to address to help me get my children back in life. Thank you Patrick for your compassion to understand my case, guidance in the strategy and outstanding representation.

  • Eddie M. - 11/29/13

    I was very happy using The Sampair Group to handle my divorce. Mr. Sampair and his associates are very professional and knowledgeable, and put the time and effort to handle my case. I would recommend to anyone that is considering going through divorce to consult with The Sampair Group. Not only will they listen they will fight for you.

  • Dan - 10/23/13

    Mr. Sampair is very patient and dedicated to his work. I couldn’t have asked for better representation in my divorce process. Very Knowledgeable. He didn’t mind making any changes I requested, or answering any of my questions/explaining how/why certain things worked the way they did. It was obvious in court that he knew exactly what he was doing, I have no complaints whatsoever. He always did exactly what he said he would, and in a very timely manner.

  • Sheila - 9/12/13

    This was my first time looking for a lawyer to handle my divorce. I felt comfortable with The Sampair Group handling my case. Mr. Sampair made me feel at ease during our meetings answering all of my questions with good communication and his experience in previous divorce cases. I recommend The Sampair Group for any family law matters.

  • Manuel - 8/6/13

    I am very happy with the results of my case. I was looking to have more parenting time with my child and felt since I did not have custody. I would not be able to do so. Patrick listened to my case and concerns that I had for being a part of my child’s life. Not only was Patrick able to get me more time with my child, I was able to have joint custody. Thank you Patrick for being a confident lawyer and for helping me be more confident in my case and self.

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