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  • K.M. - 9/15/13

    Mr. Sampair recently handled my divorce. It was a very emotional time for me and my girls but I really felt like Mr Sampair listened to me and fought for my family’s best interests. I now have full custody of my children and a lawyer I would recommend to anyone going through this hard time. I had a few consultations with other attorneys but just felt like they were going through the motions. After my free consultation with Patrick, I immediately felt more at ease and would encourage others to choose him as well.

  • Anastasia - 7/18/13

    I met Mr. Sampair about a year ago through a friend who also had his divorce handled by The Sampair Group. This office offers a free consultation, which was all I needed to see how capable this lawyer was and hired him. I felt like I was kept informed throughout the entire ordeal, his assistant would call or email updates as they happened. While I am happy this issue is behind me, I really feel that Mr. Sampair made it an easier time for me. I would highly recommend him to anyone going through the same.

  • Samantha - 7/18/13

    Mr. Sampair and The Sampair Group handle my In Loco Parentis case. I felt that every one in his firm is dedicated to what they do. They showed so much patients and dedication to my case. Even tho I hired Mr. Sampair all the other attorneys at the Firm were all involve in my case, They sure work as a group. I would definitely recommend The Sampair Group and Patrick Sampair.

  • Gary - 7/18/13

    Mr. Sampair handle my Divorce case. I consider that my divorce case was really complicated. Mr. Sampair and the his staff are really knowledgeable. He will always fight for his clients best interest. To me the most important thing about my divorce was my children, thanks to Mr. Sampair and his hard work, I was able to get just exactly the parenting time I wanted. Its true fathers have the same rights mothers do. Thank you Mr. Sampair..!!

  • Drew H. - 6/15/13

    The Sampair Group did a great job helping me with my case. They helped guide me thought the process and his knowledge on the subject matter was outstanding. I would recommend anyone have child custody issues to go see Patrick and the rest of the team at The Sampair Group.

  • Heather M. - 5/11/13

    Child support/custody; Pat Sampair was my second lawyer in my case and I have to say that I should have contacted him first and saved myself quite a bit of money. Long story short, my ex wanted 50% custody after not having any visitation and also wanted my son to stay in the same room as another adult in the house. Pat quoted the Az state statutes and fully explained my case in detail. I could not be happier about the outcome or the way I was treated by his office staff and attorneys.

  • Julie - 4/8/13

    Hiring The Sampair Group to handle my divorce was the best thing I could have done. My ex husband and I separated in January of 2012 after 18 years of marriage. It was an extremely difficult time for me and The Sampair Group made a devastating situation a little easier. I had 2 children under 18 and my ex was not paying any child support. The Sampair Group filed temporary orders and forced child support payments from the very beginning. They were very knowledgeable and kept me informed. Always advised me of what I was entitled to and what was worth fighting for. The Sampair Group handled all negotiations with the other attorney and managed to settle my case outside of court. I would recommend them to anyone in need of a divorce lawyer.

  • Doug B. - 4/8/13

    I was very impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of Patrick Sampair in handling my legal matter. I had a difficult and complex matter, and Patrick Sampair was able to simplify it for me and was able to win my case. Patrick Sampair was very attentive to my case, kept me informed and treated me as an important client. I would highly recommend them for any legal matter.

  • Jessica - 12/22/12

    I decided to go to The Sampair Group for my divorce because my mother used Pat Sampair for her divorce 10 years ago. My mother had only good things to say about Pat, she said he was accommodating to her schedule, was always their when she needed him, and was a strong assertive attorney. When I used Pat 10 years later the same held true. He met with me on Saturdays to accommodate my work schedule. When ever I needed to talk or email a question he was there to answer it for me. He was strong and knowledgeable when negotiating with my ex’s attorney. Pat led the negotiating not my ex’s attorney. I would not only recommend Pat to strangers on the internet. I would recommend Pat to family just like my mother did.

  • Nance P. - 12/14/12

    After the initial meeting with Patrick I knew I made the right decision to retain him. He made me feel at ease and confident that his firm would make sure my case was handled fairly. Thank you for helping me get through my divorce with dignity and grace.

  • Abeba - 12/13/12

    An attorney Patrick Sampair is my private family lawyer, He is very empathetic, kind, & patient, & professional well mannered & committed. He is very understanding with multi-cultural differences & very supportive emotionally, financially & morally. It’s a lot of good word to say about him. As I’m an immigrant to the US & happened unlike marriage problems with me, I have receiving a lot of legal support from him & from the entire Sampair Group.
    I would like to say thank you to all The Sampair Group for every thing that you are doing for me esp. to Mr. Patrick Sampair. If you have a divorce or other family issues, I would say go the Sampair Group. Because I was contacting different family lawyers but I got my self an Attorney Patrick Sampair is very trusted & direct person. He is not guiding you for the sack of the money but he is consulting you directly related to your case.

  • Happyone - 12/12/12

    I had an overwhelmingly good experience with Mr. Sampair and his office. I had chosen a different lawyer because he was closer to home, however, I ended up firing the lawyer and going with Sampair. I felt that I was treated courteously by all on his staff. Mr. Sampair read the AZ State Statutes and gave his professional opinion based upon the facts in my case. Although I tend to talk on and on, I felt that Mr. Sampair listened to me–I felt validated. I would recommend Mr. Sampair based on his professionalism, the courtesy of the staff and the outcome of my case. I have since recommended the office to two of my friends who are going through similar child support/custody issues.

  • Heather - 12/12/12

    My appointment went well–as in our first meeting Mr. Sampair read specific statutes that related to my case and then gave his opinion based on years of experience. I felt that I was well informed and could make an educated decision as to what steps to take next and what my chances were of “winning”. In court, he presented himself professionally. I was in constant contact with the office staff and was able to speak with a paralegal every time I called. There wasn’t a question they couldn’t answer. I felt that Patrick did a very good job–I have recommended two friends to his office for child support/custody issues.

  • Private - 12/11/12

    I have been a long time client of The Sampair Group. Patrick has always been fair, knowledgeable, and honest. Taking time outside of normal business hours to meet in order to be prepared for court dates and/or trials. I would highly recommend him for all your family court matters.

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