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  • Tom - 11/27/12

    Called The Sampair Group, 35 years of marriage, Mr. Sampair and group came thru for me and my family. While this was a very trying time for our family…they handled everything…i’m good and my family is also…I thank Mr. Sampair and group for all their help and support…job well done…I am happy with the results…thanks again

  • Mason - 11/3/12

    I hired Patrick Sampair as my Attorney for my divorce because I did all my research, I dont normally believe everything I read online, but after the first consultation I knew he was the right one. He is full of knowledge , He always made sure I was ready for all court my court appearances. NOT once I ever left his office with questions or doubts. He is a really good attorney.

  • cindy2012fam - 11/3/12

    I’ve been divorce for over 5 years. My ex and I share joint legal custody. My current husband is in the military and he received a order to be station at another state. My ex husband like always being difficult said I wouldn’t be able to move the kids to another state. Well Mr. Sampair helped with my case I was successfully able to move the child to another state and still be able to work a parenting plan with my ex husband. Patrick Sampair and his staff always kept me inform of everything that was going on with my case. Thanks Sampair Group for all your help.

  • Rita M. 11/3/12

    I used The Sampair Group for my divorce. I definitely recommend Mr. Sampair to every one. He is a best family law attorney. From the initial free consultation i knew I was at the right place. He was really supportive and always looked for my best interest. He is staff is really nice and really knowledgeable.

  • Gina W. - 11/3/12

    I want to thank The Sampair Group for all the help they gave me with my family law matter. Super Professional, knowledgeable . I honestly feel I hired the best family law attorney in town. He is even well known at Court by all the Judges. I was surprise when another attorney came up to him at court to ask him for a strategy . That’s when I realized I HAD RETAIN A REALLY GOOD ATTORNEY.

  • Sean - 11/2/12

    I recently when through a custody battle. My Ex wife wasn’t allowing me to see my children.. She even mention that she was moving to another state and that I wasn’t going to able to see my children. I called The Sampair Group and set up a free consultation with Mr. Sampair he answer all my question and legal concern that i knew i had contacted the right place. He handle my case and he did everything he could to keep my children in AZ and to enforce my parenting time. I’m Extremely happy with his and his staffs work. Gentlemen keep in mind father have the same rights mothers do.

  • Steve H. - 11/1/12

    My custody trial was today. When we left the courthouse, I told Mr. Sampair that I would never be able to thank him enough for what he did for my son and me. He replied that I actually could, if I would go online and write a review about my experience. So this is the first time I have ever written an online review.

    When my baby-mama and I split up two years ago, I felt that I did not need an attorney and represented myself in the initial custody case. Even though I did get joint custody, I really got hosed, barely getting to spend any parenting time with my son. The judge was not very nice to me at all. I got nailed on child support and even back child support!

    Earlier this year, when my baby-mama told me she was moving to California with her boyfriend and my son, I knew I needed real help. I knew that I would regret representing myself for sure this time.

    I saw an advertisement for The Sampair Group and went in see Mr. Sampair. He reviewed the papers that I had been served with and explained my rights to me. He explained the process and what I had to prove to prevent her from talking my son away.

    Mr. Sampair filed paperwork with the court and was able to stop her from taking our son until after the trial. Since my ex insisted on going to California right away with her boyfriend, the judge gave me temporary custody until the trial and she got visitation rights!

    At the trial, Mr. Sampair was able to turn my baby-mama into my best witness. He turned everything she said around and made all of her statements look good for my case. Before it was over, he got her to admit that she thought that her boyfriend would be a better daddy then me and that she was trying to move away to start a new life with my child that did not include me.

    We still have joint legal custody (equal decision making power) but my son now lives with me. She gets about as much visitation as I had before and she was ordered to pay me child support.

    What did I learn from all this? (1) Patrick Sampair is a GREAT custody attorney. (2) Just because you can represent yourself, doesn’t mean you should represent yourself.

  • Child Custody Client - 7/25/12

    I hired Patrick Sampair to help me with a relocation matter. I have joint custody of my 2 children from my previous marriage. When I received a transfer to San Francisco, my ex filed court papers to prevent me from moving, even after I had offered him 12 weeks each summer and most of the major holidays with the children. I even offered to cover all of the transportation costs, but he refused to discuss it. Thanks to Mr. Sampair, the judge gave me permission to relocate to SF. He gave my ex 9 weeks months each summer and half of the major holidays. He also ordered that we share the transportation costs equally. Wow!! Patrick Sampair was very knowledgeable about relocation issues and I couldn’t be happier. If you need a good custody attorney, see Patrick Sampair!
  • Private - 7/24/12

    Pat handled a Modification of Child Support trial that my “self-employed”-Ex filed for. My Ex tried to screw me and our 4 children by lying & hiding assets and severely under-reporting his income to get child support lowered from $1900/mo down to $600/mo. Pat subpoenaed my ex’s bank records from the bank, analyzed the evidence, got judge to order forensic accountant to determine “real” income, and then hung my ex out to dry in the trial. Child support increased by $1,600 a month from prior order, and set at the Max allowed by law. How can you be unhappy with that? I do recommend that you be very involved in your case, do your homework, ask questions, and always communicate your concerns. I have had other attorneys in the past that do not communicate at all, even when you call, email, etc. I always got responses from Pat, email works best. I was NOT his only client, so a paper trial in communicating worked best for me since I am also very busy. It sucks to be my Ex.

  • Jose T. - 5/30/12

    Pat, is one of the best lawyers i know and help every step of the way to win joint custody of my son. he also did a great job handling my case, he would go into detail explaining everything he was doing to help me through my case. Thanks so much!

  • Private - 5/30/12

    Pat did a great job handling my divorce i would recommend him to anyone because without his help i don’t know how my case would have ended.

  • Patrick - 5/16/12

    I recently had the experience of working with Patrick Sampair and I was amazed at the quality of work that was done for me. I’ve heard a lot of stories about lawyers, but working with Patrick Sampair was a pleasurable and productive experience. Very satisfied.
  • Private - 5/7/12

    I am very happy to recommend Patrick Sampair and his law office for any family law matter. Patrick handled my difficult divorce/custody matter and I was very impressed with how he and his office handled the case. They always kept me informed, Patrick always explained what they were doing and why we were using certain strategies. They seemed to always do more than expected, not less. They were very quick to respond and made me feel important. I won the case and I am so happy that I didn’t use anyone else. Patrick Sampair seemed to study my matter in great detail and the strategy he utilized was brilliant. It was this strategy that helped me win the custody end of my case. I highly recommend Patrick Sampair and his legal office.

  • Mike - 5/16/12

    Very professional. Gave me the time I needed. Did not feel rushed. Helped us understand all the scenarios.
  • KristiBi - 5/7/12

    The Sampair Group was extremely professional the entire time while working with them. They made the process as easy as possible for me and were overall a great company to work with.

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