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Our Reviews

  • Private - 4/30/12

    Mr. Sampair was always very professional and took the time to explain in detail exactly what was happening. He went above and beyond to win our case. I would easily recommend him and his firm to anyone needing a lawyer.

  • Michael - 5/16/12

    My divorce and custody case seemed overwhelming. My spouse hired an attorney in town and I thought I could do this on my own. I was served with divorce papers and was amazed on what I was being accused of. I hired Patrick Sampair and he explained everything to me and represented me through the entire divorce. His fees were much less than I thought I would have to pay and he did an excellent job representing me. I got everything I was asking for, which was just a fair distribution of the assets and a fair custody arrangement. I was always kept informed of what was going on in my case. I highly recommend Patrick Sampair and his law office for any type of family law matter.

  • John - 5/4/12

    I am very happy with the professionalism and knowledge of Patrick Sampair, his staff attorney’s, and their entire staff. I had what I believed to be a difficult and complex matter, and Patrick Sampair was able to simplify it for me and was able to get a ruling that was better than expected. I am very impressed with working with The Sampair Group attorney office, and specifically with Patrick Sampair. I would highly recommend them for any legal matter.

  • Private - 4/29/12

    I hired pat in 2011 just to try to keep the shirt on my back in a custody battle.We all know the women always win these cases, and my case was no exception. Pat was always truthful and never lead me to believe anything was special in my case. He was able to win the case for me and a lot money for me. My ex even told me that she will be recommending him to any one she knows that needs an lawyer.

  • Mendy - 6/23/11

    Mr. Sampair represented me well. He kept me informed when needed, but was very careful not to overwhelm me with information I did not need to be concerned with. He is extremely knowledgeable and treats you as an individual with respect!

  • Amanda - 6/1/11

    I hired Mr. Sampair for my relocation case. We won our relocation case. He always kept me informed, I recommend Mr. Sampair.

  • Jason - 5/23/11

    Sampair & Associates represented me in the most devastating ordeal of my life. You never expect the mother of your child to attempt to remove your custodial rights after being separated for over ten years. To make things even worse, my x-wife’s attorney was unprofessional, and unresponsive to anything I proposed, giving me no other choice but to hire an attorney. Choosing to hire Sampair & Associates was one of the best parenting decisions I have made. Sampair & Associates not only won my case, they helped positively mold my viewpoint on the family legal system. I couldn’t understand how I’d become a victim of an attack that wasn’t warranted. Sampair & Associates kept me focused on what was important and assured me everything would be fine. They won my case and my trust to use them on future cases.

  • Lanette - 3/31/11

    My divorce was the worst experience of my life and the hardest fight I ever have had. Mr. Sampair helped me get sole custody of my 4 children and protect them from their abusive father. Mr. Sampair kept me focused and positive throughout the ordeal. He made sure I knew all my options and helped guide me through the system, rules and procedures. It is hard to think rationally and logically when you are going through a emotional and traumatic divorce. Mr. Sampair helped me to remain calm and prepared me for all possible outcomes. I had a very tough case with a really idiotic judge. In the end the system worked. Mr. Sampair has a ton of experience and knowledge he is very analytical and methodical. He is able to sift through all the information and pick out the key facts and issues. After my divorce, I still have had ongoing issues with the crazy ex-husband. He has helped with Orders of Protections, Child Support Enforcement, and violations of the supervised visitation orders. Yes, my divorce was expensive because it was so complex, but Mr. Sampair helped me save my kids.

  • Divorce Client - 3/9/11

    Patrick knew exactly what he was doing and was able to achieve more than I could have ever expected. He was always very up front and honest with me. Patrick and the entire staff was very caring, understanding, personable and down to earth. Highly recommended.

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