Everything You Need to Know about Arizona Divorce Law

By Cathy Meyer

Arizona Divorce Laws


At least one party needs to be a resident of Arizona for a minimum of 90 days before filing for dissolution of marriage. There is also a 60-day waiting period after the service of process [Based on Arizona Revised Statutes; Title 25, Chapter 312 and 329]


Irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. [Based on Arizona Revised Statutes; Chapter25, Title 316]. However, if the marriage is a covenant marriage [Arizona Revised Statutes; Chapter 25, Title 901], the following may be considered grounds for a dissolution:

  1. Adultery,
  2. Commission of a felony and the resulting imprisonment,
  3. Abandonment for at least one year,
  4. Physical or sexual abuse,
  5. Living separate and apart for at least two years,
  6. Habitual drug or alcohol abuse,
  7. The husband and wife both agree to the dissolution of the marriage. [Based on Arizona Revised Statutes; Chapter 25, Title 903]

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