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Arizona Spousal Maintenance

In Arizona spousal maintenance is more commonly known as alimony.

At The Sampair Group, we help clients determine spousal maintenance during the divorce process. Spousal maintenance is the payment for the support of the ex-spouse ordered by the court. Through the laws of spousal maintenance, it is designed to prevent a divorced spouse from undergoing a decrease in their standard of living.

Spousal maintenance helps the divorced spouse maintain a standard of living after the divorce if they are out of the workforce or untrained. In order for the ex-spouse to receive spousal maintenance, they must be getting a divorce or living separate or apart. At times, spousal maintenance may become extremely complicated, thus an experienced attorney from The Sampair Group can help handle such matters by providing additional resources and guidance.

In Arizona, spousal maintenance is an intricate part of the final outcome of the divorce. If an agreement is not settled on a spousal maintenance payment, the issue is taken to the Superior Court. The court will then consider certain factors of the marriage in order to make an appropriate maintenance decision. Some factors include: standard of living established during the marriage, the length of the marriage, the age and condition of the spouse seeking maintenance and many more.

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