Why Same Sex Marriages Aren’t Immune To Divorce

Earlier this year the United States Supreme Court made history when it legalized same sex marriage in all fifty states. Cheers from LGBT communities across the country were heard as hundreds upon hundreds of same sex couples took the step to legalize their relationship. But, as with any marriage, problems can arise and those problems can lead to divorce. A same sex marriage is not immune to the possibility of divorce, and when that happens the same issues that heterosexual couples face must be addressed. These issues include coming up with a fair and equitable division of assets, debts, figuring out an amount for spousal support, and developing parenting plans that include reasonable visitation and adequate child support.

A recent split by a same sex celebrity couple proves the fact that all marriages, regardless of sexual orientation, can be hit hard by divorce. Iron Chef star Cat Cora has sought to dissolve her union with her partner of 17 years. The famous chef has said the following of her split from Jennifer Cora:

  • The couple share a commitment to raising their children in a loving and peaceful environment.
  • The celebrity chef was quoted as saying “In love, there is a season, a reason, and a lifetime”.

    In other news on the case it is reported that Cat is asking for joint physical custody of the pair’s four sons while Jennifer Cora is asking not only for full custody but also spousal support. While no one goes into a marriage thinking it will end in divorce, the multitude of celebrity splits and every day divorces is living proof that not all marriages go the distance. Information about celebrity couples asking for different things in their divorce, like the requests for custody in the Cora case, shows that even when a couple has the best of intentions things can quickly change direction from where you thought you would start your divorce process. If you have questions about marriage and divorce, call our office for help. We can give you information on what to expect during a divorce, so you are prepared and will know what to expect. Having an idea about what you want will help you to develop a game plan, and can help you reach compromise in other areas while staying true to yourself and your needs.

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  • How Celebrities See Same Sex Marriage

    It didn’t take long for those with opinions on same sex marriage to express their thoughts after the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling. Now that the dust has somewhat settled on the issue, people on both sides have had taken to the internet to have their say. Everyone from your 3rd grade BFF to the President has weighed in on the topic, and most of the comments have been positive. In Hollywood, and in the world of all things celebrity, the reaction to the ruling was overwhelmingly enthusiastic.

    Celebrity blogger and newsman to the stars, Perez Hilton, broke down the feedback from the stars like this:

    ●          Longtime advocate for LGBT rights, and one of the first openly gay comedians, Ellen DeGeneres, tweeted “Love won”.

    ●          Singer and actress Anna Kendrick said “today is beautiful”.

    ●          Latin singer Ricky Martin tweeted the news in Spanish, thus ensuring the ruling was made known to people outside the country.

    ●          Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton simply said “proud”.

    The ruling means same sex couples must be granted a marriage license, in all 50 states. There will no longer be inconsistency among the states as to the issue of the legality of a same sex marriage, but the individual state laws will apply to issues regarding the union, including the issues that arise in a divorce. Things like division of property, an equitable split of the assets and a fair apportionment of debt will be left for the Courts to decide should a same sex couple decide to end their marriage. Other important issues, such as child support and custody, will also be left to the state courts to determine during a divorce proceeding for a same sex couple. These decisions will be made in accordance with the laws of the state where the divorce is filed While it may seem counterproductive to talk about divorce during what many view as a happy time, the reality is that some marriages do end. If you are considering divorce, whether from a same sex marriage or from one considered “traditional”, call our office for help. We will work to make sure your interests are protected and that the results reached are fair.


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    What Does The Supreme Court’s Ruling Mean For Same Sex Celebrity Couples?

    Now that the United States Supreme Court has held that all 50 states must recognize same sex marriages, couples are flocking to the Courthouse in droves to apply for marriage licenses. Celebrity couples are no exception, and in the coming weeks and months we can expect to see high profile same sex celebrities getting the paperwork necessary to get married.

    Some of the more visible same sex celebrity couples that you may soon see tying the knot include:

    ●          Lauren Morelli and Samira Wiley, who are currently dating.

    ●          Married couple David Burtka and Neil Patrick Harris will now have a marriage that is legally recognizable. But, because their marriage took place before the landmark ruling, additional efforts towards legalization may be needed.

    ●          One of the country’s first openly gay women, Ellen DeGeneres, and wife Portia de Rossi are already married. But, like Burtka and Harris may take extra steps to legitimize their current marriage.

    The excitement within the LGBT community is at an all-time high, given the Court’s recent ruling. However, special care must be taken when applying for a license and entering a same sex marriage. Many states have already expressed concern and disagreement with the ruling and some have gone so far as to instruct institutions to not perform marriages. As will all laws that have taken a long and tortuous path, implementation will not come as easily as some reports claim. For answers to your questions about same sex marriage, call our office.

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    SCOTUS Rules: Same Sex Marriage Legal In All 50 States

    It may seem like the debate over same sex marriage is recent, but the truth is it has been going on for decades. What is recent though is the United States Supreme Court’s decision legalizing same sex marriage in all 50 states. What this means is that a marriage performed in one state must be recognized and given legal validity in every state. Prior to June 26, 2015 that was not the case, and due to inconsistencies between the states, complex legal issues regarding same sex unions often arose.

    CNN reports on the history making decision; here are a few highlights:

    ●          Five Justices were in favor of legalization of same sex marriages, with four Justices stating the ruling goes against the Constitution.

    ●          The majority opinion spoke of equality, love, and fairness.

    ●          Those that oppose the ruling are holding fast to religious beliefs and the idea that marriage is between a man and a woman.

    The United States is the 21st country in the world to give legitimacy to same sex marriages, and same sex couples will now enjoy many of the same legal benefits of other marriages. Among the legal benefits conferred is the right to be named as a parent on a birth certificate, the right to make decisions typically reserved for spouses, and the right to get divorced in Court. That’s right, along with marriage comes divorce and now all couples will need to litigate important issues in the even their marriage is dissolved. Common issues in a divorce case range from child custody, visitation, and support to property distribution. Regardless of the type of marriage you are in, if you are considering getting out, you must enlist the assistance of a skilled family law attorney. We have been helping people resolve their marital differences for years, and can help you too. Our goal is to reach results that are fair, and that meets your needs.


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