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My husband and I are separated, and he moved to another state.

If I get joint custody, will I still have to pay child support in Arizona?

Does an extramarital affair have an impact on child custody in Arizona?

How does joint custody work in Arizona?

Does religion enter into the determination of child custody in Arizona?

At what age can my children decide where they want to live?

Are Arizona courts more likely to award custody to mothers than to fathers?

Under a child custody court order I give up my kids to my ex for four weeks in the summer. Do I have the right to deny him those weeks because they are in conflict with the days I would like?

Does custody always go to just one parent in Arizona?

Does a spouse’s infidelity have any bearing upon custody determinations in Arizona?

Can my spouse tell me that I cannot see my kids?

Can custody rights be modified in Arizona?

Are there juries in Arizona child custody cases?

Can nonbiological parents be awarded custody?

I married an army colonel after my divorce. He recently was re-assigned to another out-of-state base. Could my ex-husband stop us from taking the children to the new location?