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My ex spouse changes jobs frequently This keeps me from receiving regular payments. What can be done?

Will my overtime be included in child support calculations?

What if the noncustodial parent is still in school and has no money?

What if I need child support while the divorce is still in process in Arizona?

The noncustodial parent is in jail. Can I still get support in Arizona?

What can I do in Arizona to get my support increased if I think it is too low?

My ex spouse isn’t spending the child support on the kids. Can I make him her account for how the support is spent?

My ex spouse would like to negotiate a lump sum payment for child support. Would this hold up in court?

Why do I have to pay by wage assignment?

Who is going to pay for my child’s daycare in Arizona?

What does the term combined income refer to in figuring child support in Arizona?

What can I do now to prepare for a modification or to protect against a modification?

My ex spouse is neglecting her responsibility of carrying health insurance on my child. Is there any thing that I can do?

Must the children be covered by health insurance?